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Music News-Kesha in Legal Battle with Sony

One of the biggest stories in recent music news is Kesha’s legal battle with Sony Music and Dr. Luke, her former producer. In short, in late 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against the aforementioned Sony/Dr. Luke sub label to try and get out of her recording contract on the claims that she experienced sexual and emotional abuse by Dr. Luke under his professional care.

After various delays in the case, last Friday (Feb. 19, 2016), the judge denied Kesha the ability to get out of her contract. She was seen on all the top news and showbiz news sites visibly crying and upset by this landmark decision that essentially decided the fate of her career in a lot of ways.

Music in the news

This has caused many prominent female artists to outwardly speak in support of Kesha and an entire movement to boycott Sony products and to #freekesha. Taylor Swift even donated $250,000 to aid Kesha financially since she has been stifled from her main source of income and has had very expensive legal bills. There have been no new Kesha songs and no new Kesha albums in over 3 years. Her team feels that the value of Kesha’s brand has deteriorated profoundly because of this case and legal stranglehold.

Paris Now Available on iTunes by Erica Chase

Celeb News

This has also opened up a larger conversation in terms of what it means to be a female artist in the music industry and when abuse is experienced and not believed or validated. Artists from Demi Lovato, who has been extremely vocal about making a stand against this injustice, to Lady Gaga, Sara Bareilles and many others who have shared their support for Kesha and their disgust for the outcome of her case.

No artist or individual should have to work in a place where they have experienced any form of abuse or injustice. It is impossible to be creative in a fearful place. This case is ongoing, and Dr. Luke’s camp has released several statements after the Friday ruling to defend their side as well and denouncing Kesha’s claims of abuse.

Kesha – New Album

Kesha made a huge splash in the music industry in early 2010 and crossed over different music genres from hip hop to pop to alternative. Her music videos and live persona had a refreshing colorfully vibrant and free flowing style. She was also a big supporter of anti bullying movements. The next few months will be important and interesting to see what happens, and her fans, including myself, are hopeful that there will be a new Kesha album soon that is produced and created in a safe space. We all deserve that as artists, as women, and as humans.

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Old Pop Outsells New Pop

2016 has been the year (so far) of Adele, the return of Bieber, and new pop artists at the top of the charts. However, for the first time in recent history, physical product of old pop is outselling new pop. This could be seen as a result of the streaming effect, and the fact that the most engaged music consumer under the age of 35 is now more commonly streaming new releases rather than purchasing physical product.

Recent News

According to music industry news, Adele’s recent “25” album has sold over 5 million copies, but she also did not elect to have it on the main streaming site, Spotify. She kind of sealed her fate in a great way by making this decision and the masses responded by opening their wallets and purchasing the record.

Paris Now Available on iTunes by Erica Chase

However, this is a music business fluke these days, because Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music are basically granting access to entire catalogs of most of the top searched artists from across all music genres for a nominal monthly fee or completely free of charge.

Music Business News

According to other recent news and music articles, there has also been a resurgence of the Vinyl LP. Young people are digging back and experiencing classic and new records on Vinyl. Most of the Vinyl out there comes from older artists/bands, but new artists are getting in on the trend and releasing physical Vinyl copies of their new releases. Record Store Day has become a phenomenon in itself and with the help of social media has brought attention to not only Vinyl, but also physical products and older catalogs of various music artists.

Top News

There has also been an unfortunate serious of music icons that have passed late in 2015 and in early 2016, which in turn has brought their music to the forefront and to the top music charts. For example, it has been a month since David Bowie has passed and nearly the same since Glenn Frey has passed, and both Bowie and the Eagles are represented in the Billboard 200 above many new pop artists.

With all of the shifts in the way we consume and experience music in 2016, only time will tell if these trends will continue. For now, I think it is great that there are so many ways to listen and consume music. As long as the music industry and the powers that be strive to find a way to fairly compensate songwriters, artists, producers, engineers and the like, it will be interesting to watch things continuing to evolve.

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Pop Stardom: The Weekend’s Journey

Pop stardom occurs when the mainstream masses are aware of your name, face, likeness, and sometimes not even your music. The Weeknd has transcended into these heights over the last 18 months or so and has gone from mid level tours and an indie cred, to playing the Grammy’s, collabing with some of the top pop artists, guesting on top pop albums and dating one of the biggest young models in the game.

The Weekend’s Journey to Pop Stardom

So, how did he get here? It always comes down to the songs. If the songs are too avant-garde or artsy, they won’t crossover to the mainstream no matter how sick they may be. I saw The Weeknd open for Florence and the Machine in 2012 and he was mesmerizing. I had never heard of him prior and his performance was so captivating and cool, but he didn’t have those epic anthems or pop dance songs. He was still very much coming into his own.

No doubt, he was aiming for the top charts and studied the sort of unspoken formula of making hits. His song, “Earned It” was featured in early 2015 in the gigantic feature “Fifty Shades of Grey” which was the first catapult for him. It showed off his sort of D’Angelo sexiness in his voice and his ethereal style, but it was just the first taste.

Paris Now Available on iTunes by Erica Chase

After guesting on Ariana Grande’s track “Love Me Harder,” a little more of his raw grittiness came out. But, it wasn’t the big bang.

When “Can’t Feel My Face” hit the radio in 2015, this kid had fully arrived. From the blatantly obvious Michael Jackson influences to the slick and sleek sonic production, you couldn’t help but hear this song everywhere you went. But it also made you know there was a new sheriff in town and he had a big ole sack of goods.

There is still an indie quality to what Abel Tesfaye (his birth name) does. His lyrical content is not cookie cutter and simply catered to the mainstream. He has no shame in talking about drugs and perhaps, some reckless behavior, but it seems pretty authentic to who he is.

The follow up singles to Face, “The Hills” and “In the Night” really take you into his world of late night cool parties and beautiful people. Yet, somehow you feel like there is a part of him that is still a shy introvert from Canada wondering how he got here. He got here and he will get wherever else he wants to, if he keeps making songs that hit the pulse of pop culture. He has absolutely achieved pop stardom.

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My Favorite Live Performances

My favorite live performances are when you completely lose space and time and you are totally immersed in what the performer is giving you. There is really nothing quite like when a performer leaves it all out over the stage. You you feel the blood, sweat and tears, and all the elation and pain of their journey.

Live Performances in 2016

In 2016, you have the luxury of seeing live music online from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet screen, but you cannot smell the venue (not necessarily a bad thing considering some venues), you cannot breathe the same air, and you cannot share the present experience with the artist in the same way. That being said, sometimes an artist is truly so special that even during a live stream they can make you feel like you are right there with them.

Paris Now Available on iTunes by Erica Chase

The point of seeing live bands and live artists is to experience the music in a different way than simply just listening. I personally love when artists take liberties during a live musical performance that they didn’t take on the record and change the arrangement or melody. Some people want it to sound exactly like the recorded product, but I think that the best performances are not the most perfect or well executed. They are the ones with mistakes, spontaneity and raw, unfiltered guttural emotions.

When speaking about live pop music specifically, a lot of artists take slack for using background tracks and a big production. However, it doesn’t matter if there is a light show, pyrotechnics, and tracks going off if the artist or band is still up there fully giving themselves to the audience in their own authentic way.

The mainstream masses are not stupid: they pay for things they like to see and there is a possibility that you can witness a truly emotional, raw performance of a pop superstar and a sort of phoned in, lackluster performance of a folk singer. It matters what the artist brings forth and then feeds on the audience’s energy. When these two things are completely in sync, that is a night to remember.

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Singing in the Shower

Everyone loves singing in the shower right? Well, actually, I think most non- professional singers love it more than professional singers and artists who use their vocal chords for a living. As an artist and singer myself, I rarely ever sing in the shower, partly because I take quick showers, but more-so because I am constantly singing in the car and doing singing exercises and singing out loud while I am creating. The shower is my reprieve.

What Makes Singing in the Shower Sound So Good?

The shower does offer amazing reverb though which makes everyone sound amazing, almost like they are singing on pitch in the shower. We are all born with this beautiful instrument inside of us, and while some may have better control and pitch, most of us are able to vibrate our vocal chords and begin singing acapella, or singing without music.

Singing, whether it may be in the shower, singing in the car, singing in the kitchen, or office, provides a healthy escape of life’s stressors. Another cool thing about singing is that you can be your own radio or karaoke machine wherever you go. Although, depending on your voice, some people may want you to turn off your unique radio or karaoke machine; either way it’s still fun! Simply pick your own song playlist and create your own song mashups to sing along to. As long as you are having fun, go get into that singing zone that feels comfortable for you and go for it. Have some great fun just belting out your favorite lyrics and the most meaningful lyrics to you as you take your morning or evening shower.

Paris Now Available on iTunes by Erica Chase

Music is all about a release and expressing yourself without judgment. When you sing, no negative thoughts have the ability to penetrate if you are fully present in the music. That’s the reason I constantly turn to music in all aspects of my life; it is the greatest, yet healthiest escape and provides so many amazing endorphins that make a huge positive impact in your every-day life.

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Good Songs to Sing Karaoke

We’re going to discuss some good songs to sing Karaoke, some that are always sung, and why this seems to be the case.

Karaoke can be one of the most fun activities or the most fearful depending on your attitude! The real point of singing Karaoke is to have fun and not take it too seriously.

Most Popular Karaoke Songs:

You cannot walk into a karaoke bar without hearing “Don’t Stop Believing” (Journey), What’s Up (4 Non Blondes) or “Sweet Caroline” (Neil Diamond). These songs have become staples because they songs everyone loves, they have become songs everyone knows, and are sing along songs that bring the whole bar into it. They are also songs easy to sing. Even though “Don’t Stop” gets way up there, after a few beers usually everyone can all go in on the high notes and song lyrics together.

My Advice to First Time Karaoke Singers

The worst is going into a karaoke bar and listening to a karaoke version of a sad and/or ridiculously long song. It brings the vibe down and it defeats the purpose of the event. Choose songs everyone knows if you are feeling nervous and let everyone help you through it. Choosing songs you can dance to, like many songs of the 80s, is also a good plan to go with.

Download Paris on iTunes by Erica Chase

Not every pop song makes the best karaoke track.

Just because songs by Taylor Swift or other songs currently on the radio are extremely popular, there are some that just work better coming out of a karaoke machine than others. For example, Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” is a lot livelier and fun to sing than another great song on her 1989 record called “Clean,” which is more subdued.

My Good Songs to Sing Karaoke

I personally tend to sing classic songs such as George Michael’s “Freedom 90” or Guns N Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”. Although recently, when I was at a karaoke bar, I wanted to sing a song from one of my favorite newer artists, Ed Sheeran. This particular bar did not have the most up to date selection, so they only had a few songs from his first record. I chose his song “Give Me Love,” and while I love that song, it did not follow my previous advice of being a song everyone knows and an upbeat fun song.

As with anything, when you take yourself too seriously, you miss the point of being present and enjoying the moment freely. More fun, less thinking! Know of more good songs to sing karaoke? Leave a comment below!

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The Eagles Band – Glenn Frey – Take It Easy Cover

Glenn Frey and the rest of The Eagles Band have always been a huge influence to me as both a songwriter and a singer.  Glenn passing away recently is another huge loss for the music world, but I am so grateful to have been touched by this hero’s musical legacy with The Eagles.

The Eagles Band ‘Take It Easy’ Cover by Erica Chase

Watch my partial cover of the song Take It Easy, in honor of Glenn and the fantastic band ‘The Eagles’.

The Process of Writing Lyrics

Chasers! I am so stoked to talk about one of my favorite things to do in life: writing lyrics. Songwriting as a whole has changed and saved my life more times than I can even recall – and even after great artists leave this world, their music and song lyrics remain forever.

The writing process varies for each person or songwriting team, but today I am going to talk about my personal writing strategies that yield some meaningful lyrics from time to time.

I’ve never played golf in my life, but I think there is an accurate comparison in writing music and great lyrics to playing golf. In golf you gear up and swing the club many times during the 18 hole game, and sometimes you get great long drives, while at other times you get stuck in the sand or the water. But…sometimes you par or make birdie and on that rare occasion, you get that hole in one i.e. the hit song.

Download Paris Written by Erica Chase on iTunes

Writing Lyrics

Song lyrics are the crux of the song; the music may provide the groove and help emote the feeling, but the lyrics bring it on home and imprint themselves in the ears, hearts, and minds of its audience. For me, I tend to always write songs the exact same way: I grab my acoustic guitar, sit down and just start playing a simple chord progression or guitar melody, and then I start singing a melody over it. The lyrics are basically nonsense at this point.

Over the course of about 20-30 minutes, the song fleshes itself out (if it is ready to come through me) and the lyrics have emerged. It has always been this oddly quick process for me to compose an entire song both musically and lyrically. I don’t really ever sit down with my guitar intending to write a song or have any sort of writing outline / writing ideas consciously in mind. The songs flow through me subconsciously when they are ready to come.

That being said, I take my time to really make sure that I do not simply rhyme words together arbitrarily. They have to mean something and have to be lyrically cohesive.

Writing Pen on Paper

I recall many years ago that I wrote a song called “Can You Take It?”, and my manager/producer Dana Strum asked if I literally rhymed the words ‘sutures’ and ‘future’ together. I replied that, yes indeed I did, but it really made sense contextually. I was using ‘sutures’ as a metaphor for the mental stitches holding me back from my future and being free & confident.

Metaphors are crucial in writing great lyrics because we are all capable of thinking and feeling things beyond the obvious and direct. It’s also why there are thousands of great love songs that may all be about the same thing, but all resonate differently because of the use of descriptive metaphors and interesting vernacular.

The Best Lyrics

The best lyrics and most meaningful lyrics come from the truth. If you are not comfortable writing about your own experiences, writing in third person lets you tell someone else’s story or your own in less subjective way. I have done this many times in my own songwriting and have used the experiences of others as writing topics and writing inspiration.

As humans, no matter how different we all are, we are also all very much the same – we have hearts, emotions; highs and lows; love and loss. We all resonate with lyrics that cut deep to the core of these emotions. Music is really the universal language in that way and is such a beautiful and valuable thing.

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Remembering the Best David Bowie Songs 1947 – 2016

This week I’d like to outline the best David Bowie songs and the ones that, universally, people have been listening to in spades since the news broke.

There is a very small club of artists both living and dead that have completely altered the human experience as we know it and have given us the framework for much of our lives. As devastating as it has been to learn of David Bowie’s passing, there is great comfort in his legacy of art.

An artistic calling is often the road less traveled and a place to color outside the lines. No one did this quite like the starman himself. When you listen to David Bowie songs, David Bowie lyrics and really examine the entirety of the David Bowie discography including his latest release, “Blackstar,” that just came out last week, it is overwhelming in the best possible way to really feel how much David Bowie gave this world.

To put it numerical terms, on January 11, 2016, less than 24 hours after the news broke, Spotify reported a 2700% increase in streams of his music. Not to mention, that scrolling through social media feeds, David Bowie lyrics, David Bowie vinyl covers, David Bowie style pics and much more were everywhere. He literally brightened up the world even as he left it.

The Best David Bowie Songs – Top 10

After careful consideration, here is my list of the top 10 best David Bowie Songs that will fortunately outlive us all:

David Bowie Album Cover1.  Oh! You Pretty Things
2.  Space Oddity
3.  The Man Who Sold The World
4.  We Can Be Heroes
5.  Changes
6.  Rebel Rebel
7.  Under Pressure (with Queen)
8.  Ziggy Stardust
9.  Life on Mars
10.  Young Americans

These barely missed the cut:

1.  Young Americans
2.  All The Young Dudes
3.  Diamond Dogs
4.  Fame
5.  China Girl

I chose the above top 10 as my picks for the best David Bowie songs because these are the songs that really resonated with me as a songwriter and as an artist. David Bowie was the captain of the misfit freaks and made you feel like being different and on the outside was way better than fitting in. And guess what? He was absolutely correct.

He definitely influenced my music in a big way as well as so many artists. Some of his musical instincts were so out there but yet so perfect. I will miss him deeply.

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