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Spring 2014 Update from Erica!

Hey guys!

Well, it has been a long and great road thus far, and we are almost at the release date!  We have just completed 2 brand new music videos for the upcoming singles, “Letter” and “Paris” and are looking forward to sharing with you and all the world!

Stay tuned and we will try and keep updating more regularly as there is news to report.

Thank you for the continued support as I could not do it alone,

Much love,

Er asks Erica about her thoughts on David Bowie’s music video

Critic: New David Bowie video ‘offensive’ to Christians


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 The contentious music clip, deemed “a bloody battle between the sacred and the profane,” was banned from YouTube for “violating terms of service” just a few hours after its release on Wednesday, and returned with an age restriction a little while later.But some say Bowie’s creative vision mocks Christianity, and wish it was gone altogether.And according to emerging songstress Erica Chase, music and art is the one place where boundaries can be pushed and rules can be broken.

“Artists have the ability to say what lay people and politicians often cannot because there is a demand for it,” she continued. “And religion encircles the great unknown: what is the purpose of this life and what happens after. Bowie and Gaga are just as uncertain as you and I about all that, so why can’t we enjoy a catchy song with an imaginative video to boot?”

A rep for Bowie did not respond to a request for further comment.Read more:

UK’s NME features the Erica Chase “We Can Fly” video on their website

NME, Erica Chase, FINAL

Erica Chase on ABC Las Vegas “Morning Blend”

Screen shot of Erica performing on ABC KNTV Las Vegas "Morning Blend"- discussing upcoming album and debuting new song.

Screen shot of Erica performing on ABC KNTV Las Vegas “Morning Blend”- discussing upcoming album and debuting new song.

Erica gets rocker sexy on Playboy Radio!

Hey loves!  I was so incredibly honored to be the featured guest on “Playmates Present” on Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM.  Between being able to share my story and my road to a music career and play one of my fav songs, “Never Let You Go,” it couldn’t have been a better day!

Erica Chase Rocks the Red Carpet with Patti Stanger for

Erica Chase rocks out on the red carpet for the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger’s, birthday party at KOI in Los Angeles. Stanger was also celebrating the launch of her new website, 10 Female Guitarists to Watch!!

Guitar World

Exposed: 10 More Female Guitarists You Should Know, Part 4

Erica Chase

Erica Chase is a rock star and a pop star. Though influenced at a young age by The Beatles, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix, she says she has “always dreamed about a Top 40 kind of singer-songwriter career.” Chase seamlessly blends both genres into something she can truly call her own unique style. Armed with her guitar and a deep, powerful voice, Chase is on the rise to the top. Her dream of landing the Top 40 charts just might become reality sooner rather than later.

Dana Strum, bassist for Slaughter, is producing Chase’s upcoming debut album, which is set to release some time this year. Check out the music video for her original song “We Can Fly.”

Artist Direct-School of Rock Benefit with Orianthi/James Durbin!!

American Idol finalist James Durbin and recording artist Orianthi recently played a special concert at Center Staging in Burbank, CA, to benefit the Rock School Scholarship Fund (, a 501(c)3 non-profit group that funds music lessons and provides instruments for kids 7-17 who want to attend any rock school nationwide, but whose parents don’t have the financial means.

Both James and Orianthi joined several student bands for various cover songs and, after playing several songs with the Burbank Music Academy student band Full Count, Orianthi performed her original song “Heaven in This Hell” with the School of Rock North Hollywood.

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Last week Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler came under fire for his rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” ahead of the AFC championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots.

The rock legend was widely panned for his failure to hit the high notes, and he also had some trouble with the lyrics. But the complaints were nothing new, and perhaps for good reason. Recording artist Erica Chase tells Pop Tarts that, in characterizing our country’s national anthem, “difficult would be an understatement.”

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AOL Artist Direct

What’s up!!  Thank you for the support of the new site and the We Can Fly video!  We are gearing up for some big things, but I wanted to share a recent cool interview I did with Amy at AOL Artist Direct.  Definitely check this one out and feel free to share it on your pages!  Much love!

Erica Chase was game for a Take Aim rapid fire. Brave girl. Turns out she is a smart one, too. She spoke about the idea of the Grammys in the age of instant social media. We loved picking her beautiful brain and found out she is working with a member ofSlaughter. Also, in this Take Aim, you’ll find out why you want to follow her on Twitter.
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