Lyrics to “Paris”!!

Paris Now Available on iTunes by Erica Chase

Verse 1:

I thought I left you in Paris

Under the city walls,

But you came back to me

Just to claim it all

I thought I left it in tatters

I thought it was too close to call

But you came back to me

And all I could do was fall



Oh, I thought it was over when

You left me on my own,



Then you kissed my neck

And I saw your face,

And now it’s all coming back to me now

And I heard your voice,

Screaming my name

And now it’s all coming back to me now

(I thought I left you in Paris)


Verse 2:

I thought I took you for granted,

But all these tears I shed

You know we hurt the ones we love

Just we free them instead

So tell me you miss me,

And I’ll come right back again

Cant get too far way

When its your blood I shed



Love don’t come easy,

It don’t taste like wine

It’s thicker than water

But we lose it all the time

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