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Pop Music News for 2016

Chasers! I am so excited to kick off this next year and talk about pop music news for 2016. From the return of Adele and her first headlining arena tour (really ever, because of her vocal surgery), to the unbelievable return of the original line up of Guns n Roses (!!!!), this year is going to provide an epic musical soundtrack to all of our lives across all music genres.

There is usually an artist or two that basically owns the year and sometimes, even though they have been working at their craft for years or even decades (Chris Stapleton), there is a crack in the pavement – and they are able to skyrocket to the masses.

For the majority of 2015 it was the year of Taylor Swift. Her 1989 record was a huge success that spawned multiple hit singles and viral music videos. Her 1989 World Tour was a pop culture phenomenon covered in major music news headlines, showbiz news, and many music articles. However, during the final quarter of 2015, Adele, Justin Bieber and the Weeknd made sure to make a huge impact in 2015 as well.

Pop Music MicrophonePop Music News for 2016

2016 should prove to be a huge year for Adele in terms of her already sold out and hyped up US tour. The Weeknd only seems to be gaining more momentum and will probably continue to release catchy singles.

The return of Guns n Roses is something I think a lot of people gave up on believing in, but it was just confirmed via Billboard and Rolling Stone, and was even top news on CNN. Whatever live dates they decide on will be sold out instantly. This will also increase the value of their catalog, and in the coming weeks they will most likely see an increase in sales and streams of their classic music.

2015 brought streaming and artist’s compensation rights into the top news and mainstream media, with artists like Taylor Swift and Adele refusing to have their music be streamed.

Spotify Music Lawsuit

Also at the tail end of 2015 Spotify had been hit with a 150 million dollar lawsuit regarding unpaid royalties.  This is sure to cause some shake up or perhaps a larger conversation that needs to happen between the new industry juggernauts: Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and other streaming services, and artists and writers that deserve fair compensation for their work that they are entitled to.

The music download is still rather relevant and important for an artist’s career, yet the streaming trend has increased in popularity over the last few years. It will be interesting to see what transpires in 2016.

Music in 2016

I cannot wait to see and hear more from my favorite artists in 2016, including Chris Stapleton who really was the dark horse this year and should win all the Grammys! He is proof that good songs, good vocals, authenticity, and the right timing can really make all those beautiful stars align. He has my vote for artist of the year and is on my end of year music playlist.

New Pop Music Single Paris by Erica Chase

As for me, I end 2015 on a very high note and welcome 2016 in with open arms. I was lucky enough to be able to release my first single, Paris, at the end of this year and was so grateful that its video was directed by my friend Chris Hicky (Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw). I am excited to tour in 2016, release more music and connect with all my chasers!

Head on over to my website to download Paris on iTunes and watch the official music video.

Thank you so much for the support and belief. Have the best 2016 ever, continue to believe in yourselves and #chasedreams.

Much love,


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