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Music News-Kesha in Legal Battle with Sony

One of the biggest stories in recent music news is Kesha’s legal battle with Sony Music and Dr. Luke, her former producer. In short, in late 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against the aforementioned Sony/Dr. Luke sub label to try and get out of her recording contract on the claims that she experienced sexual and emotional abuse by Dr. Luke under his professional care.

After various delays in the case, last Friday (Feb. 19, 2016), the judge denied Kesha the ability to get out of her contract. She was seen on all the top news and showbiz news sites visibly crying and upset by this landmark decision that essentially decided the fate of her career in a lot of ways.

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This has caused many prominent female artists to outwardly speak in support of Kesha and an entire movement to boycott Sony products and to #freekesha. Taylor Swift even donated $250,000 to aid Kesha financially since she has been stifled from her main source of income and has had very expensive legal bills. There have been no new Kesha songs and no new Kesha albums in over 3 years. Her team feels that the value of Kesha’s brand has deteriorated profoundly because of this case and legal stranglehold.

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This has also opened up a larger conversation in terms of what it means to be a female artist in the music industry and when abuse is experienced and not believed or validated. Artists from Demi Lovato, who has been extremely vocal about making a stand against this injustice, to Lady Gaga, Sara Bareilles and many others who have shared their support for Kesha and their disgust for the outcome of her case.

No artist or individual should have to work in a place where they have experienced any form of abuse or injustice. It is impossible to be creative in a fearful place. This case is ongoing, and Dr. Luke’s camp has released several statements after the Friday ruling to defend their side as well and denouncing Kesha’s claims of abuse.

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Kesha made a huge splash in the music industry in early 2010 and crossed over different music genres from hip hop to pop to alternative. Her music videos and live persona had a refreshing colorfully vibrant and free flowing style. She was also a big supporter of anti bullying movements. The next few months will be important and interesting to see what happens, and her fans, including myself, are hopeful that there will be a new Kesha album soon that is produced and created in a safe space. We all deserve that as artists, as women, and as humans.

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