The Best David Bowie Songs 2016

Remembering the Best David Bowie Songs 1947 – 2016

This week I’d like to outline the best David Bowie songs and the ones that, universally, people have been listening to in spades since the news broke.

There is a very small club of artists both living and dead that have completely altered the human experience as we know it and have given us the framework for much of our lives. As devastating as it has been to learn of David Bowie’s passing, there is great comfort in his legacy of art.

An artistic calling is often the road less traveled and a place to color outside the lines. No one did this quite like the starman himself. When you listen to David Bowie songs, David Bowie lyrics and really examine the entirety of the David Bowie discography including his latest release, “Blackstar,” that just came out last week, it is overwhelming in the best possible way to really feel how much David Bowie gave this world.

To put it numerical terms, on January 11, 2016, less than 24 hours after the news broke, Spotify reported a 2700% increase in streams of his music. Not to mention, that scrolling through social media feeds, David Bowie lyrics, David Bowie vinyl covers, David Bowie style pics and much more were everywhere. He literally brightened up the world even as he left it.

The Best David Bowie Songs – Top 10

After careful consideration, here is my list of the top 10 best David Bowie Songs that will fortunately outlive us all:

David Bowie Album Cover1.  Oh! You Pretty Things
2.  Space Oddity
3.  The Man Who Sold The World
4.  We Can Be Heroes
5.  Changes
6.  Rebel Rebel
7.  Under Pressure (with Queen)
8.  Ziggy Stardust
9.  Life on Mars
10.  Young Americans

These barely missed the cut:

1.  Young Americans
2.  All The Young Dudes
3.  Diamond Dogs
4.  Fame
5.  China Girl

I chose the above top 10 as my picks for the best David Bowie songs because these are the songs that really resonated with me as a songwriter and as an artist. David Bowie was the captain of the misfit freaks and made you feel like being different and on the outside was way better than fitting in. And guess what? He was absolutely correct.

He definitely influenced my music in a big way as well as so many artists. Some of his musical instincts were so out there but yet so perfect. I will miss him deeply.

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