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DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop 2015

An earworm is defined as a catchy song or a tune that runs continually through a person’s mind. DJ Earworm is renowned for his annual pop music mashups called the United State of Pop, in which he assembles a mashup complete with the year’s most notable pop music songs that got stuck in everyone’s heads all year long by various pop music artists.

United State of Pop 2015

In the current United State of Pop mashup he did at the end of 2015, he incorporated hits from the Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Drake, Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding, Walk the Moon, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato and many more. The mere fact that the aforementioned artists all have songs that can be played and mashed up with others just further reiterates that the current pop music climate is stretching beyond previous definitions of the word. For singer songwriters, top rappers, boy bands, and some EDM artists to be included among the United State of Pop 2015 mashup is pretty cool.

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I spoke about this in a previous blog, and I really do think that the pop music climate has been increasingly trending towards blurring all genre lines. Pop is focusing on earworms and essentially just good songs that people want to hear, whether it is from a singer songwriter or an EDM team. A hook is a hook and the top pop hits right now show that the mainstream public is not as concerned with a particular sub-genre of pop music. People are now much more open to listening to a pop music playlist featuring, for example, Drake, the Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, and Shawn Mendes.

As artists, there are many different components that are necessary to resonate big time with the general public. You have to have that x factor charisma, the look and vibe that is able to be emulated, that authenticity, and the ability to perform and captivate an audience. But there is one thing that if you don’t have it, the other stuff is meaningless. That one thing? Yes, the songs. You can have all the look and vibe that you may ever need, but if you don’t have the ability to effect someone’s vibration and immerse into their minds, which is what good songs do, then it doesn’t really matter.

I think DJ Earworm did a phenomenal job on his latest mashup and really did include the biggest pop music hits of 2015. When listening to the DJ Earworm Mashup, it was definitely interesting to see how most of the pop music songs he selected were all pretty upbeat and had great grooves & beats to them. In this crazy and unpredictable world of extreme turmoil and difficulties, we need these great earworms to lift us up, make us feel good, and remind us all that the United State of Pop is here to stay.

To check out my earworm, “Paris,” please head on over to my official website and download on iTunes as well. To watch the official music video click here and for some behind the scenes footage, click here.

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