Justin Bieber Songs in Concert

Justin Bieber Songs – A Meteoric Rise to the Top

There is no way that anyone between the age of 8-40 has lived on this earth in the last 5 years without hearing and being well aware of Justin Bieber songs, Justin Bieber albums, Justin Bieber tours, the epic Justin Beiber hair etc.

Love him or hate him, the kid is the real deal.

In this industry and in the age of social media scrutiny, oftentimes an artist’s complex personal life can overshadow what they are here to do: make music and entertain.

Justin Bieber Music

If you forget for just a minute the personal life and public struggles of Justin Bieber over the last few years, and just focus on the art, there is some great, legit stuff there. For example, currently Justin Bieber has 3 songs in the top 10 off of his latest release, “Purpose,” and they are all carefully crafted and slickly produced.

Teaming up with Diplo and Skrillex was not only a smart move artistically, but it also produced the first #1 Justin Bieber song of his career with “What do you Mean,” and for good reason – the song is really hooky, the video is really smart & grown up, and it shows off that not only can Justin Bieber sing, but he has got that X factor pouring out of him.

Justin Bieber Albums

Justin Bieber Journey

The early Justin Bieber pop songs, such as his first big hit, “Baby,” were designed to connect with a very young demographic and appeal to young fans that could relate to a puppy love crush. People were more often interested in the character of Justin Bieber over his aforementioned early music.

He had a pretty meteoric rise to the top, and with that comes a lot of pressure and a lot of scrutiny. But people often forget that no matter how fast or crazy the rise is, if there is real talent underneath the highly focused marketing then there is always going to be the ability to come back, evolve and reintroduce oneself with music.

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Justin Bieber’s Best Songs

Personally, I think that the recent Justin Bieber songs such as “Sorry,” and “What do you Mean” are his best work, and the songs with the most legs. They are good songs and produced in a way that will stand the test of time.

He is no longer strictly catering to the youth, but rather to the generations before and after which, in turn, gives his music much more credibility. And, as evidenced in his VMA performance, Justin Bieber knows how to stand on a stage and own everyone in that room. This coupled with catchy new songs makes him pretty much unstoppable.

Justin Bieber Concert

Justin Bieber Final Thoughts

As a songwriter and artist myself I know first hand that you need to not only have great songs, but also the ability to perform those songs in a way that catches attention. I strongly believe that songs alone are not enough, and performance/entertaining abilities are not enough on their own either. You need to marry the two to be able to cross the threshold into that small inner circle of artists where when you see one frame of a video, or hear 4 bars of a song, you know exactly who they are; and even if you are not a fan, you know exactly why they are where they are.

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