Live Music Performance with Band

Live Music – Absolutely Nothing Like It

There is absolutely nothing in this world like hearing your favorite song performed by your favorite artist at a live show. It can be magical and even life altering if you let yourself really fully be present in the live music experience.

Live Music Vs. Recorded Music

I find myself so inspired when I go see a live musical performance featuring my musical heroes. It does something profound, and if the concert experience is great all I want to do is go home and pick up my guitar and write.

I’ve been fortunate to see artists including Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, the Zac Brown Band, and just about every genre in between. You can tell when artists have been manufactured in a studio and are puppets that clearly cannot live up to the record.

Similarly, you can also tell when real artists get on that stage and own it. Seeing these live artists is a completely different experience than listening to the record at home.

New Pop Music Single Paris by Erica Chase

Live Musical Events

These days, due to the ever-evolving music industry, artists are touring more than ever. If you can’t afford to go to the live events, or are just not able to make it, you now have the option to watch the performance online.

Albeit mostly bootlegged footage on YouTube, some artists are choosing to live stream their own concerts to include even more fans. No matter if you are experiencing it from the comfort of your computer or at Madison Square Garden, the fact remains that there is still nothing quite like seeing an artist you dig perform live.

There are a couple of elements in a live musical performance that are critical and can make or break a show. An artist needs to accurately deliver what’s on their recorded track to a pretty solid A- degree. The artist also needs to engage with the audience to make everyone from the very front row to the nosebleed section feel that emotional connection, no matter what venue they’re at.

Live Shows

I’ve been to a couple of live shows where it seemed as though the artist was doing a chore, and was there because they were obligated to – not because they actually enjoyed it and were grateful that everyone even showed up to see them.

I’ve also been to live shows where even though the artist has been around for decades, it’s still so obvious that they love playing music and are not at all phoning it in.

Taylor Swift Album

Live Tours

In the live pop music world today, there are a select few artists that hit home on all of the above points and make sure that you get your money’s worth… they give you an experience to remember.

Taylor Swift just wrapped up her epic 1989 World Tour, and from the live performance documentary she released this was a pretty memorable tour to have seen. The production, choreo, and aesthetic details were so on point. The musical arrangements, delivery, and Taylor’s ability to connect with the audience was super solid all the way around.
Another tour that comes to mind is Ed Sheeran’s. He is just a ginger haired dude with an acoustic, but his honesty and urgency fills stadiums flawlessly.

If you as an artist don’t believe in what you are putting out in the live music sphere, then no one in the audience will believe it either. You have to put everything into the live show and then leave it all on that stage. There is just no other way around it.

Erica Chase Live Shoot

Erica Chase – Live on Tour 2016

I’m so excited and cannot wait to begin touring in 2016. I’ll get the chance to engage with fans on a personal level, and will be able to take these songs and give them a new life with various live music arrangements.

But to tide you all over for now, please head on over to my website to download my single “Paris” and view the official music video.

Thank you all for the support and belief. It means everything to me.