Blonde Woman Singing in the Shower

Singing in the Shower

Everyone loves singing in the shower right? Well, actually, I think most non- professional singers love it more than professional singers and artists who use their vocal chords for a living. As an artist and singer myself, I rarely ever sing in the shower, partly because I take quick showers, but more-so because I am constantly singing in the car and doing singing exercises and singing out loud while I am creating. The shower is my reprieve.

What Makes Singing in the Shower Sound So Good?

The shower does offer amazing reverb though which makes everyone sound amazing, almost like they are singing on pitch in the shower. We are all born with this beautiful instrument inside of us, and while some may have better control and pitch, most of us are able to vibrate our vocal chords and begin singing acapella, or singing without music.

Singing, whether it may be in the shower, singing in the car, singing in the kitchen, or office, provides a healthy escape of life’s stressors. Another cool thing about singing is that you can be your own radio or karaoke machine wherever you go. Although, depending on your voice, some people may want you to turn off your unique radio or karaoke machine; either way it’s still fun! Simply pick your own song playlist and create your own song mashups to sing along to. As long as you are having fun, go get into that singing zone that feels comfortable for you and go for it. Have some great fun just belting out your favorite lyrics and the most meaningful lyrics to you as you take your morning or evening shower.

Paris Now Available on iTunes by Erica Chase

Music is all about a release and expressing yourself without judgment. When you sing, no negative thoughts have the ability to penetrate if you are fully present in the music. That’s the reason I constantly turn to music in all aspects of my life; it is the greatest, yet healthiest escape and provides so many amazing endorphins that make a huge positive impact in your every-day life.

For more about my journey and to listen to my single “Paris,” head on over to my website, and click here to watch the music video.

Thank you for the support and belief and always #chasedreams

Much love,

Erica Chase

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