Pop Music Star Kelly Clarkson’s Heartfelt Performance

When pop music is in its full power, it strikes just the right emotional chord – and when you have an out of this world gift such as Kelly Clarkson mixed with an emotionally charged song, you can bring even the most stoic of people to tears. That is exactly what Clarkson did on the American Idol stage in all of her very pregnant truth and glory.

Pop Music Artist Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson became a household name in popular music during the inaugural season of American Idol, which wraps up its tenure this spring. Instead of just performing pop karaoke songs, Kelly would make each song her own and her vocal prowess was and is undeniable. Over the past 15 years, Kelly has had multiple platinum records, top 10 singles, top grossing pop tours, Grammy awards etc. She’s set a precedent for being a powerhouse vocalist and recording artists, and has inspired many of the pop artists and pop female singers that competed on and off American Idol after her.

Kelly’s Pop Hits

Kelly returned to her launching pad on Thursday, February 25, to perform the emotional ballad she co-wrote called “Piece by Piece,” which was autobiographical. A nearly 9 month pregnant Clarkson was visibly emotional while performing the pop song, yet it is her rawness and her ability to sing through and cut through to the heart of the masses that not only highlights the power of a great pop song, but also of a great artist. Both Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez, who are each top artists in their respective genres, were visibly moved to tears during Clarkson’s performance.

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Pop Culture

When a performer has the ability to transcend and effortlessly emote a song in the purest way, it has this unifying and comforting effect on pop culture. For one brief 3 and a half minute moment there is truth, beauty, and as Urban commented, “humanity.”

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