Carpool Karaoke with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Carpool Karaoke

James Corden has really taken late night TV to the next level with his brilliant carpool Karaoke that has featured everyone from Stevie Wonder to One Direction. I tune in every single time for this because who doesn’t love to see the biggest artists singing their songs and cracking jokes with James Corden?!

Karaoke is one of the most fun musical pastimes because it is about not taking things too seriously in a world full of very serious things. When you combine that, with these huge pop artists and a top comedian, it is just plain awesome.

Good Songs to Sing Karaoke

The best karaoke hits to sing with a group of people are songs everyone knows. So with carpool karaoke, you have these major artists singing their big pop hits but not taking themselves seriously and sometimes even making fun of their stuff from the past.

Jlo did a great job of just having fun, laying her guard down and belting out some of her biggest hits while in carpool with James Corden. She may even be the new karaoke queen!

As a culture, we are fascinated with celebrities and artists, but we are more interested in seeing them as a “real person.” So this segment combines the kind of fun and jokes you would see with your friends at a karaoke bar with some of the biggest artists of today. It is pretty genius, and the clips from these segments almost always go viral. The karaoke duets that James sings with his A list guests are also pretty fun because he is actually a trained singer. Sometimes he even impresses the artists and shocks them with his harmonies and vocal abilities.

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When you combine music, comedy, celebrities, and LA traffic, you are bound to have something interesting happen! Artists letting their guards down and just being down to have fun and/or poke fun at themselves while singing karaoke hits of their own makes for a very smart creative segment. Carpool Karaoke is only getting more popular as time goes on and is one of the most anticipated special segments that James Corden’s audience and the general public await.

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