I think a lot of times the notion of volunteering or working with different charitable organizations can be overwhelming for people and you may not know where, what, or how to make a difference. The important thing to remember is that just thinking about getting involved in some way is a step in the right direction. The intention will set the path for you and you will decide what you feel you can contribute.

For me, I have always felt compelled to try and help those less fortunate than myself and it has always been such a grounding influence. I have volunteered doing many amazing things: working with troubled youths at an inner city juvenile detention, after school tutoring, music/art therapy with patients with cerebral palsy, and providing food for the homeless through Share a Meal in Los Angeles.

It is so easy to get consumed with trivial matters when all of your basic needs are met, but when they are not there is no such thing as a trivial matter. This is so important to remember, that just because someone’s circumstance is different, at the end of the day we are all human and all bleed the same.

Any small amount of time. money, or both makes such a huge difference. For me, doing this kind of work has enriched my life and soul more than anything else and has inspired my creativity even more.

I would love to hear about whatever service work you guys enjoy doing and hopefully down the line, we can really do a lot of good.