Creativity – The Ultimate Freedom

Hey Chasers!

We are all creative and unique beings and there are so many ways to create in this world. I am constantly in awe when I see beautiful paintings, an amazing play, a photograph, read a book, or meet a make up artist etc! Creativity is not just rooted in the arts; you can be creative in how you organize your closet, or cook your meals, or make business reports.

For me, it has always been music that has been my main creative pull, but I constantly try and get inspired through other mediums because nothing is more freeing than creating something out of nothing.

I have started to get into photography a little bit and while I am still very much a novice, I like the challenge that it brings. With music, I am inspired subconsciously, but with photography, I am literally looking at something in front of me and creating a picture and telling it’s story.

People always say they wished they played an instrument or painted or took up a sport and the only thing in their way is them. So don’t be afraid to tap into that part of the brain that we all have, and make something out of nothing in whatever way you desire. The more creativity in this world, the more connected we all become.