Writing Paris

In my previous post, I covered my typical songwriting process. The only song that I have written differently was Paris. As we lead up to my release of Paris and its music video, I want my fans to learn more about what made this song unique.

Paris came to me in the most organic and random way. On a day otherwise unremarkable, I remember driving home from somewhere and listening to some instrumental music on the radio. As I hummed along, as I tend to do, the lyric and melody of the first line of the song came to me: “I thought I left you in Paris….”. I have no idea why, but it was so odd to me that I went straight home and immediately set out to write this song that was starting itself!

I walked in and picked up my trusty guitar and “Paris” came out quickly and felt different than any other song I have written before. I hoped one day it might see the light of day and I cannot begin to tell you guys how excited and thankful I am for it to be released soon. The journey of “Paris” and to share it with all of you is a dream come true.