Paris Video Shoot

Hello Chasers!! Every single day we are alive and well is a great day. Oftentimes though, we all sweat the small stuff and have bad days. Those frustrating and hard days make the amazing days shine even brighter. The ‘Paris’ video shoot was a bright and shiny day for me.

From writing the song in my apartment to recording it in 3 different states over many months to arriving on set to bring it to life was a day that I will never forget. I cannot even express my gratitude to everyone that made it possible; from the director Chris Hicky and the entire crew, to my personal team, it truly was a dream.

I spent so many years freaking out about stuff and living in the hurry up and wait that so many artists and people in the entertainment industry find themselves. I think it took me a long time to realize when you are freaking out and trying to force things, it is simply just not the right time. You may have 6/10 elements locked and loaded, but the other 4 are not quite there yet. It is hard to stay patient, but I’ve never felt more connected to the phrase, “you know when you know.”

My manager Dana always used to say that to me and I didn’t quite get it until I walked on set that day and didn’t feel stressed or anxious. I just felt calm, grateful and elated. The timing was right and it was such a fluid experience.

The treatment of using projected images behind, around, and through me really made the music come to life in a way I didn’t even realize was possible. Chris’ vision was right on target and he executed it in such a cool and creative way. I love that the visuals echo the sentiment in the lyrics and really compliment the music. I’ve been a huge fan of Chris’ other videos and I was just so happy he wanted to collaborate on this one with me. We are all so excited to release it and hear people’s different interpretations and which moments stick out to them. I have my favorites, but I’m curious to hear other people’s thoughts. That is the coolest part about putting out a song or any piece of art; once released, it no longer belongs to me. It is for the public to connect with and identify with. It was such an awesome day and I will think of it fondly always.